Call to organize a Public Management and Public Policy Section in LASA

The Latin American Studies Association (LASA) has over 12,000 members dedicated to the study of Latin America and the Caribbean. LASA is characterized by the diversity of disciplines and approaches used by its members to contribute to the debate, research and teaching. In LASA, there are currently 40 sections that work to promote common interests of their members in specific areas of Latin-American studies.

Despite the great diversity in areas of study addressed in LASA, the association does not have a section that focuses on public management or public policy. A new LASA section based on this topic would open a valuable space for academics, public officials and students. This new section would offer a meeting point to interact and collaborate around these issues.

To take advantage of this opportunity, a group of academics are working on a proposal the create a new Public Management and Public Policy Section, aiming to launch it at the next annual LASA Congress, which will take place in Guadalajara, México, between May 13 and 16 2020.

What is needed to create a new section? LASA’s requirements for the creation of new section are available in its section’s manual. The first step to organize a new section is to have 75 founding members. To collect the basic data of those who are interested in being part of this project, we have setup a survey that is available here.

This the basic information of the proposed project:

New section project in LASA.

Name: Public Management and Public Policy Section

Purpose: To address theoretical and applied issues related to government, public administration and public management, public policies and public affairs in Latin America. It will promote rigorous empirical research, without privileging any approach or method. This section will be specially orientated to the comparison among countries and among regions.

If you are interested in participating in this project, please register your interest here.

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